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OPTICON EE-213R 2-in ESL label

Forsiden Datamaskiner POS OPTICON EE-213R 2-in ESL label
OPTICON EE-213R 2-in ESL label (14471)

OPTICON EE-213R 2-in ESL label

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The entire new and modern design of Opticon’s EE-range is well perceived among its users and enables a more engaging shopping experience. Opticon has further refined the ergonomics and aesthetics to create a slimmer fit to make the shelf look neat and the store making an impact to the consumer. The EE-range can be remotely updated using a RF based communication network and it has been proved to reduce pricing errors and labor costs. Together with the dedicated rail and wide variety of accessories makes the EE-range a carefree solution.

The EE-213R is a high resolution fully graphical, e-paper based display. We offer this range with a black, white and complementary red display to attract more attention of the customers. Thanks to the high contrast of the display it is even possible to read barcodes off the display using an Opticon barcode scanner. Since the display only consumes power during radio transmission and display updates, Opticon can guarantee a battery life time up to 5 years at room temperature with 2 updates per day.

Opticon’s solution includes the necessary hardware and software to manage and communicate bi-directionally with the ESLs. The lightweight infrastructure is easy to deploy, only requiring the Base Station installation, eliminating expensive back office servers. The dedicated Opticon ESL Server Software will monitor all your ESLs and base stations automatically and even gives you full control from a centralized location.

Another added value is the easy installment. You simply need the dedicated Opticon rail and an accompanying shelf rail, depending on your shelf system. This dedicated rail is compatible with most known shelf management system suppliers who offer a wide variety of accessories, making it a carefree solution without compromising in shelf space. In the EE-range Accessories brochure you will find loads of rails and brackets which are compatible with the entire EE-range.

The EE-213R is applicable in retail, the pharmaceutical industry and logistics and any industry that wants to replace the archaic paper labels with digital labels and interact with its users. This is the perfect solution when your aim is to run an efficient business.

- Compact high resolution display
- Extremely low power consumption
- Complementary red color display
- 2.4 Ghz
- IP54

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